Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Anjanvel - Fish, Fort, Sea and Lighthouse

Anjanvel village is under 20 kms from Guhagar. It's also near from Dabhol village; infact midway between the two.

Anjanvel is a sleepy village but it does have some great beauty. There are no options to live or dine here; so you can explore this place while using Guhagar as a base. Reasons to visit this place:
1. Gopalgad Fort
2. Spectacular views of the sea (with lots of fishes jumping around).
3. Tolkeshwar Lighthouse.
4. Dabhol Power Plant (formerly Enron).

Dabhol Power Plant

From Guhagar, head towards Dabhol and mid-way there will be a diversion towards Anjanvel village in the west (near power plant).

Strange thing is that the power plant is very near to Anjanvel rather than Dabhol and it should have been named after this village.

Anjanvel village

There is no real sandy beach near the village. It's actually just red soil all around. It clean though with lots of broken and shapeless shells as seen below.

View of Gopalgad fort from the village:

Gopalgad fort

This fort was originally built by Adilshah of Bijapur and later changed hands many times. It is situated on a hill that offers commanding views of the sea around it including Dabhol creek. Much of the fortification of the fort remains strong even now; but there is hardly anything left inside the fort.

There are trenches all around the fort about 2 metres in depth.

Some views inside the fort:

Another entrance form the hill-side:

Sea-views from the fort

Head southwards from the fort entrance and you get a million-dollar view of the sea. It's ways to beautiful that the pictures fail to present the true beauty. Also you can see fishes jumping around including Dolphins.

Views of the Fort:

Tolkeshwar Lighthouse

Lighthouse is on a red-soil road that connects with the road leading to Gopalgad fort. It is normally open between 15 - 16.30 hours only. Charges are Rs. 10 per head. The manager gives you an overview of the purpose and machinery used.

Views from the cliff near Lighthouse

View from the top of the Lighthouse with the breakwater wall in the sea:

After completing this trip, we headed to Pune through Chiplun using Koyna road.


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