Monday, December 26, 2011

Dabhol - Shahi Masjid and Ferry to Guhagar

From Dapoli, we started towards Guhagar. The road distance is about 100 km. However, there is a ferry service connecting Dabhol and Dhopve villages over the Dabhol creek which cuts the distance by half.

The ferry service is not just for carrying people but it carries vehicles too. The charges are Rs. 10 per head and Rs. 50 per car/ SUV.

Although it did not save much time as we had a 45 minutes waiting time for the ferry, I think it gives a good break from the road driving and breaks the monotonousness.

During the waiting time, I wandered around the village and stumbled upon this historical masjid.

Shahi Masjid

Nicknamed Anda Masjid because of it's oval shaped white dome; this masjid was built by a wife of Adilshah.

The structure is badly damaged and in need of repairs but it is still standing completely. There has been some encroachment by shopkeepers over the graveyard area as seen below.

Close up views:

The masjid appears to be in use and since we had time, we prayed over there.

Inside views:

The boundary wall that caught my attention and leading to this discovery:

Ferry Trip

Waiting in queue for ferry.

We landed at Dhopave and continued the road travel to Guhagar.


Swati said...

woww... you are lucky that you are getting chances to explore such places...

Anonymous said...

nice Snaps !!!!

-Santosh Kanse

gnakaskar said...

really good information with snaps